About Us

With hardly 13 years of age the Wi-Fi technology has become the bonding tissue binding our digital lifestyles. More and more users are hooked to this highly user friendly platform that has allowed to push the limits of wireless technology and to imagine the possibility of a true Internet of Things.

Seeing this tremendous possibilities and the future of Wi-Fi, the WifiCloudNet is formed by group of IT technologist to provide an ideal platform to ease fast and easily accessible to Wi-Fi. The profound experience of installing Cloud managed portal for various large industries has given the team great insight in the Wi-Fi domain. The recent observation of Wi-Fi becoming overloaded and sluggish has motivated them to do something for this WI-Fi crunch and contribute to the future technologies by user friendly software that will ease robust, flexible, unique cloud management and wireless mesh solution with innovative applicability.


To provide unbeatable cloud based wi-fi users’ services to increasingly growing population which can be easily managed by non-trained people at any time, any place with lower operational costs and the freedom giving multiple-vendor compatibility.


To effectively enable users to add Wireless mesh capability and remote management with a robust, flexible unique cloud management and wireless mesh solutions with innovative applicability.