WiFiCloudnet, WiFi Mesh Dashboard, helps you to Build, Manage, Monitor and Control Wireless Mesh Network from any place. The multi-feature and dynamic WiFiCloudnet dashboard allows you to add wireless mesh capability using multi vendor's wireless access points. Simple and user-friendly web based dashboard eliminates training and dedicated staff to manage the network, thus reducing the operational cost.


  • Powerful Cloud Managed System
  • No On-site Wireless LAN Controller required
  • Enables Wireless Mesh to Multi Vendor’s Access Point
  • Two SSIDs, Public and Private SSID
  • Captive Portal with Bandwidth Control System and Voucher
  • Custom Splash Page support to Market your own Brands
  • Radius Support
  • Safe and Secure
  • Protect your SSIDs with WPA Keys, AP Isolation and LAN block Feature which prevents user to see each others
  • Auto Outage Alerts based on Network
  • Real time Network Statistics for individual devices
  • Over-the-Air Firmware upgrade
  • Custom Script features