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Wificloudnet is unique and flexible, web based, cloud management platform for wireless mesh networks. Wificloudnet allows you to build, manage, monitor, configure and control your entire WiFi Mesh network, remotely, through its online dashboard, eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers.

Wificloudnet features Over-the-Air Firmware upgrade, Real time network statistics for individual devices, Configurable outage alerts based on network, Public and Private SSIDs, Radius Support, Captive portal, custom script features to mention few.

Suitable for all segments like hospitality, retail, healthcare, public and private enterprises, education, transportation, government & municipality, entertainment and outdoor arenas, Wificloudnet dashboard allows you to maintain complete control over your network from any place.

Clould Manged Wifi

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi refers to Wi-Fi where network management takes place centrally through a Web-based tool via the cloud, as opposed to the traditional ‘box-style’ controller. Cloud-managed Wi-Fi, with its central manageability, smaller physical footprint, and linear scalability, is a viable option for the enterprises and institutions.

Cloud managed Wi-Fi allows companies to easily configure, manage, and deploy networking devices such as wireless access points. One of the most appealing benefits of cloud-managed Wi-Fi is the ability to provide automated provisioning and configuration. Through Cloud-managed Wi-Fi, one can quickly create traffic and usage policies for all devices connected in the network. Cloud-managed wireless is growing three times faster than the wireless LAN market as a whole.

WifiCloudNet firmware

The Wificloudnet firmware enables users to add wireless mesh capability and remote management to multi vendor's wireless access points. One of the main advantages of Wificloudnet is its capability to support multi vendor’s devices available in open market.

It supports Open-Mesh OM2P, Ubiquity Picostation M2HP, Tp-Link MR3020 Access Point devices of different vendors. Wificloudnet firmware features Zero-Touch mesh configuration allowing a mesh node to automatically discover and associate with the controller and obtain the network configuration.

High-performance wireless mesh network using Wificloudnet help reduce management and operating expenses and can give the network operator a rapid return on investment.


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